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The no-nonsense semi weekly podcast to help you life a fitter, healthier and most importantly happier life.


Musical theatre performer and professional dancer. Personal trainer and nutrition coach since 2015, delivering over 4000 personal training sessions to clients all over the world. Host of ‘The Personal Training Zone Podcast’. 

I started my fitness career at The Hogarth Health Club in Chiswick, West London. Whilst working as a personal trainer I also performed shows in London, around the country, and even at see.

At the start of lockdown 1 in 2020 I started training clients online, now that lockdown is over I continue to help clients all over the world achieve their fitness goals. 

The personal training zone podcast was started to share my knowledge and give support to those looking to start, or continue their fitness journey.

join the personal training zone


Up to 3  face-to-face time sessions a week  (Up to 1hr) via video chat. No equipment needed.  Each consists of a 40-50 minute workout, with time after   to talk about nutrition and your plan.


Together we will identify your current lifestyle and make a plan to build sustainable healthy eating habits. Focusing on eating more tasty food. No more fad diets.


In addition to our time together during sessions  you gain access to my Video*, Phone*,Text and Email support. If you have any questions relating to your training programme you can contact me anytime.